It’s one thing to chase a dream, but to catch and run with it … now that’s inspiring! Ann Scott believes every woman has a dream — yet many face challenges that make big dreams seem out of reach. The DreamCatcher awards will help some of these women chase and catch their dreams.

To kick-off the program, Ann Scott is donating $1 to the DreamCatcher awards fund for each LIKE on the Ann Scott Design Facebook page. So please take a moment to click the LIKE button on our page and help a big dream come true!
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Each month we will profile some of our DreamCatcher nominees on the Ann Scott Design Facebook page — sharing
the how, what and why of their dreams. Then, twice a year, a DreamCatcher award-winner will receive a $1,500 grant
to chase her dream.

How to become a candidate for a DreamCatcher award?

- you can nominate yourself as a DreamCatcher by submitting your answers to the questions in the "I'm a DreamCatcher" section below (be sure to include your contact information).  
- or you can nominate someone you know to be a DreamCatcher by submitting their name and email address in the "Nominate a DreamCatcher" space below (also include your email address in case we need to contact you).

Our nomination committee will review all of the candidates, and vote on which DreamCatcher gets a chance
to chase her dream.

Dream Big!


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