/’drēm-kaCH-ǝr/, noun

  1. in folklore, a web woven to sift good dreams from bad dreams;
  2. a woman who chases her dreams, no matter how impossible;
  3. ann scott’s award given to women to catch their dreams.

DREAM BIG and dream boldly! Whether it’s tap dancing with the Rockettes,  trekking to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, or becoming the next Karl Lagerfeld, Ann Scott believes every woman has a dream. And becoming a dreamcatcher,  women discover and catch their uniqueness and raison d’être! Yet many women feel their dreams are out of reach — to chase a dream, let alone catch it, seems almost impossible.

THAT’S WHY we are launching the DreamCatcher award — $1,500 grants to help women go after their dreams. We aren’t looking to enable her dream — just give her a start to the chase! To fund DreamCatcher, Ann Scott is donating $1 for every like on Facebook.

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become a dreamcatcher

  • Start the chase and nominate yourself by completing the DreamCatcher application. Be sure to include your contact information so one of our nomination committee members can contact you and find out more about your dream.
  • If you know a woman who’s ready to chase her dream, you can nominate her by submitting her name and email address and we will contact her directly for her dream details.
  • We’ll post DreamCatcher nominees on the ASD Facebook page so other women can be inspired or offer some dream-assistance.
  • Each quarter, our nomination committee will review the candidates and vote on the winner of the DreamCatcher Award.
  • Deam big, dream boldly!


Meet Dreamcatcher: Amanda

Amanda worked as an NBC Page, labored backstage on Broadway, and appeared in commercials for Subway and Volkswagen before earning a master’s degree at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. For fun, she runs, takes ballet lessons (“I'm terrible at it”) and reads (current book: "The Razor's Edge" by W. Somerset Maugham).

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